Meet the Renovators




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What do you get when you mix a Grand Ol’ Opry member, a Texas Bar band veteran, a Southern Gospel singer and a lifelong Bluegrass player? A regional touring band known as The Honkytonk Renovators!

Together they wave been guest openers for Asleep at the Wheel,The Farm, Jodi Massina ,Joe Diffie, Mark Wills, John Connolly, Exile, Terri Clark,Toby Keith ,Gene Watson and many more fantastic acts performing from 3rd and Lindsey in Nashville Tn.  to a random BBQ in Sparta Mo.

The Honkytonk Renovators bring  true Honkytonk sound without altering the classics we all know and love and this year is shaping up to be just as exciting. Don’t miss the chance to come out and experience the only country act in the Midwest , the Honkytonk Renovators!

Jack Pearman – Doghouse Bass

 Jack Pearman is one of the best bluegrass Bass players you will ever have a chance to hear. He uses an upright “Doghouse” Bass fiddle instead of the standard electric, and solidifies the foundation for every tune they play.

Steve Graham – Vocals & Drums

Steve is a Springfield/Branson native who has been a part of so many local acts it’s hard to recall them all. A great vocalist that plays a Leopard Skin clad Stand-Up kit and that’s all he needs to keep this band “Rock-in”.

Michael Johnson – Vocals & Guitar

Michael has been playing guitar for 3 decades all over Texas and the south covering Rock, Country, Blues and even Metal but Honkytonk is where he finds his true center.

Paul Robertson- Vocals & Guitar

Paul was influenced by the music his dad taught him at the kitchen table and Gospel family jams. True to the nature of our kind of music. Passed down from Father to Son. We are talking some genuine Honkytonk here, folks.

Mark Pearman – Fiddle & Vocals

Mark juggles several acts, owns the Branson Craft Mall and performs with the Presley’s in Branson on a regular basis but sometimes lends his talents to the Renovators. Appearing as a Special Guest but treated as a Renovator. It’s hard to tell who enjoys his performance most, the crowd or the band. Mark is about as real as it gets.